A Research Firm Regarding For Profit Essay

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Preface: Thomas Kane, I am writing this letter to you to inform you of the findings of my research firm regarding for-profit, also known as private, prisons. I personally hold a Ph.D. in Sociology and am the CEO of the research firm that is providing this information. I hope that this letter helps you to decide to cut down on the number of privately owned prisons in the United States. Introduction: With such a large population in our country, it is no surprise that we have many prisons here in the United States; large numbers of crimes are committed every day, some more severe than others, and the people arrested and charged with these crimes must be kept in prisons. According to Sociology: The Essentials by Andersen, Taylor and Logio (2015), state “ an organized system of power and authority in society” (pg. 376). Within the state is the government, military, courts, laws, police forces, and prisons (Andersen, M.L., Taylor, H.F., & Logio, K.A., 2015). Why is it, then, that prisons are allowed to be privatized when they are defined as a part of the state? Do the private prisons still function within the best interests of our nation? Unfortunately, outsourcing a portion of the state to a private entity is not the only complaint to be heard. Private prisons do not always meet the same standards that federally owned prisons do; they are driven by the lucrative business that prisons provide and try to save money wherever possible to increase their profits. These

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