A Research Study On Developmental Autobiography Essay

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Developmental Autobiography There are many experiences that one encounters in his or her lifetime, but only a few of these experiences are significant enough to leave an impact on our lives. It is safe to say that these experiences help shape us to be the person we are today. With these experiences, along with how we are raised, is what leads to our development as an individual; cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually and how we view the world and ourselves. These experiences leave a lasting impression, and we refer back to them when faced with difficult situations. Whether these experiences are good or bad can change the makeup of our identity, and internal perceptions. During my prenatal development my mother had a very rough pregnancy with some complications. My mother’s biggest complication was morning sickness. She experienced morning sickness for the first four months of her pregnancy. It was so bad that she could hardly keep any food down, and certain smells would set it off. Then, during her second trimester her morning sickness subsided, and she was finally able to eat normally again, Finally, in her third trimester, her morning sickness returned. Despite her morning sickness my mother gained around 20 pounds while pregnant with me. While in delivery my mother had severe back pain so her doctor tried a new experiment where he sprayed warm water underneath four of her pressure points he also filled warm water directly underneath the skin. The experiment was

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