A Research Study On Falls Occur Within A Nursing Home, Home Health, And At A Small Community Essay

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Falls occur in every age group but we most often hear about them occurring in the elderly population. I chose to research this topic because I have worked in a nursing home, home health, and at a small community hospital where I have seen falls occur at each of these facilities. I truly feel that we as nurses should take a stand to do everything we can to prevent these falls from occurring. I have heard nurses say I hope that they do not fall because of the paperwork that follows but yet they do little to assess or improve the risk of this occurring. It is stated that from “2010 to 2011, four hundred and fifty thousand people aged 65 years and over were admitted to the hospital as the result of a fall” (Duffy, 2013, p.259). That number is staggering to me because of how many lives that would affect and the impact it has on our health care system.
Literature Review
Following NICE Guidance to Take Positive Steps to Prevent Falls
This article was based upon using the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines to prevent falls from occurring. Caregivers should encourage patients to walk if they can even if it is just a short distance to maintain their ability. We should not rush them but be there for them during this time to provide reassurance. Orthostatic hypotension is an issue that many elderly patients experience in which we should allow adequate time for the patient to go from the sitting to standing positon to prevent a fall from occurring.

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