A Research Study On Financial Aid

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Not all El Paso ECHS students decide to enroll this four-year Hispanic-Serving institution, attributing to the relatively low number of cases (n=315). The ECHS students who enrolled in other universities may have successfully completed the ECHS model in their respective institutions, but were not considered in the study. The low number of ECHS graduates (n=125) can be attributed to different factors; such as financial aid and data dates. For example, if a student does not meet the academic standards in one of the semesters, the student may not qualify for financial aid the following year. Many ECHS students rely on financial aid, due to their low-income status. A lack of financial aid could force these students to take out a loan, get a job, and take fewer classes (putting them behind). It is also important to note that this study was done using data from the Fall 2009 to the Spring 2012 semesters. Graduation rates could have increased significantly from the Fall 2012 to Spring 2015 semesters.
The study proved that first term GPA is a strong indicator of future academic performance, supported with a strong significant difference. This finding supported our hypothesis that a student’s first term GPA is crucial to overall academic performance and the successful completion of the ECHS model. Positive intervention upon entry to a four-year university by counselors and educational staff could potentially increase first term suc-cess. The data also showed that graduate
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