A Research Study On The Lgbt Community

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What is a despaired population? What does despaired mean? A despaired population is a group of people that reside in a specific region in the world or have a specific label to them that makes them less equal than other population groups across the nation. Disparity is defined as a lack of similarity or inequality (Disparity, 2015). Therefore, when relating this idea to the healthcare system, many despaired populations have several health disparities as well, meaning they are at a disadvantage when attempting to access proper healthcare. One population in specific that is despaired due to many components is the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Bisexual community, commonly referred to a LGBT. This population is mixed with individuals of various race, gender, income and many other qualities and was created due to sexual orientation. The sexual orientation of this group is described as “abnormal”, or what is not typical in this world. The LGBT community faces many challenges such as discrimination, negative stigma, rejection, violence, insurance denial, job denial, lack of money, and an absence of knowledge and acceptance. With these factors coming into play, many people within the LGBT community are at a higher risk for psychological disorders, a higher rate of suicide attempts and successes, and a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases, which continues to makes this specific group a despaired population. Discrimination and stigma are the greatest and most prevalent
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