A Research Study On The Three Patch Presentation Topics That Consisted Of Organ Donation For The Biology Patch

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The aim of this essay is to critically reflect on the three patch presentation topics that consisted of organ donation for the biology patch, caring for the “concepts in health care” patch and finally, Freud’s psychosexual theory of development for the life-course patch. It will do this by exploring what was learnt and addressing the feedback given, and its relevance and application to clinical practice. Finally, it will evaluate the process of the patchwork presentations and how I may apply the experience to my clinical practice.
During my research into advertising and organ donation I found that it has been a topic of concern for many years in Britain and at international level (Lewis & Snell, 1986, Frates 2006). In Britain, the “opt-out” scheme which has been successful in Wales and other countries has been debated since the ‘80’s and criticised as an infringement of personal liberty (Lewis & Snell, 1986). This places even more pressure on advertising being successful in increasing the amount of registered donors to meet the demand of transplantable organs. However, despite the importance of advertising it has also been met with criticism as seen in the “Kill Jill” ad campaign (Anon, 2016) which caused offence as it was interpreted that not donating implied killing someone. This effect echoes that of a previous study in 2006, where the wording of an advertising campaign in Southern California had to be changed as the original was

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