A River Runs Through It

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Being skeptical about this type of movie is normal, however, keep an open mind. It tells the story of two children growing up in rural Montana with a strict Minister father. Their father not only taught them the word of God and to put all their faith in their religion, but he also taught them to fly fish. Several times it is mentioned that the line between God and fly fishing was usually blurred or hard to find. Norman Maclean is the eldest son, he also appears to be the protagonist. The movie is in his point of view with an older version of himself providing voice overs as he reflects. The story starts when Norman and his younger brother Paul were children, but it spends most of the time when they are older. Both being out of college and fresh to the world as responsible adults, this movie adds its name to a long list of drama films.
What makes a good drama? Three key things to look for in any drama are: conflict, character portrayal, and last, but not least, comic relief. Does this movie have conflict? Any good drama has a conflict in the plot, particularly one that grabs the attention of the audience, and A River Runs Through It is no exception. The main conflict in this film appears to be life itself. The conflict is displayed all throughout the movie, with the struggle of growing up to the struggle of finding your place in this world. The main plot is the conflict of life while the subplots are more about each character doing a little searching of their own. Norman has

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