Rent Critique

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Critique on Contemporary American Play
By: Chelsea Huckabee

First of all, I decided to watch the movie Rent, which was based on Jonathan Larson’s Pulizer and his Tony award-winning musical, which has also appeared on Broadway many times. The film and musical are about a group of artists, eight friends, who are living in New York City during the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They each are dealing with different problems in their lives, such as HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, rejection, and poverty. This movie had a very tremendous impact on me, and I was very impressed with how they tied each theme into it. I was moved in a way that it has even effected the way I look at others, and overall at life.
The actors and actresses were all very
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There is a character who is a heroin addict named Mimi who is a very controversial character, and I think it made the movie have substance and likability to see that issue come to light. Everyone has their own issues in this world, and not all of them are rainbows and butterflies. This movie really showed the grittiness of living with addiction and disease, and how people dealt with it.
There are many themes within this play/movie. First, I noticed that love is a major theme. Roger had lost his girlfriend; April to suicide after she found out she had contracted HIV. He is trying to write one more song for her, and cannot find the right words. Another key theme for this movie was acceptance. Each of these characters accepts each other, and overall really cares about each other despite their differences. Angel who is also infected with AIDS soon found Collins, who was left in an alley after being beaten by thugs. Angel proceeded to take car of him and take him back to his place to fix him up.
The playwright was trying to get quite a few messages when he created this play. First of all, I believe he was trying to show social change and the power and potential that an individual has inside of them, despite their circumstances. I think that this play/movie reveals the true messiness of life and how with the right mindset, you can make it through anything you
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