A Rose For Emily And A Doll House Essay

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In “A Rose for Emily” and “A Doll House” the woman faced several courses of different imbalances such as gender inequality, social issues, and sacrifices in each story. The men in the stories entrapped the women into oppressive roles in their society. The sacrifices the women in each story that they had to face were the inequalities of how women were treated and belittled. In “A Doll House” Nora was treated like a doll, her husband was very controlling in their relationship and sheltered her from society. In ‘A Rose for Emily” her father controlled her completely throughout her whole life up until his death. So how is “A Rose for Emily” and “A Doll House” Similar for the women? What Sacrifice did they have to give up? While he is very…show more content…
“In A Rose for Emily” society, and the role of women in his short fiction "A Rose for Emily." He implies status causes many upheavals in a community and demonstrates how the society of a region reacts to that status. The death and revival of the feminine spirit is a thought provoking theme in A Doll House. The overbearing chauvinism of Nora’s husband and her father before him, come awfully close to destroying her very essence and spirit. She slowly begins to suffocate as she is held captive in the first of masculine authority which is eroding the very core of her being. Her husband’s treatment of her as a silly little skylark and a doll (Ibsen 97) grates on her nerves, saps her strength and takes a toll on her self-esteem. Life takes on a brittle, unsatisfactory quality for her and she plods along from day to day, determined to keep up appearances even if it kills her. This has the result of making her life, a parody of the art of living, a hopeless farce. On the surface, she has a caring husband, wonderful children and a promising future, but, her life itself is a sham, she is wilting and slowly dying as her spirit is all but gone. She is like a doll, beautiful on the outside but empty on the inside. Nora finds herself and resuscitate her dying spirit, giving it a new lease of
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