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1. Arrange these events in the sequence in which they ACTUALLY occur chronologically (real time): a. Homer’s arrival in town b. the aldermen’s visit c. Emily’s purchase of poison d. Colonel Sartoris’s decision to remit Emily’s taxes e. the development of the odor around Emily’s house f. Emily’s father’s death g. the arrival of Emily’s relatives h. Homer’s disappearance 2. D, F,A,C,H, E, B,G NOW list the events in the SEQUENCE in which they are PRESENTED IN THE STORY (the orchestration of PLOT). 1. Why do you supposed Faulkner presents these events OUT of their actual chronological order? Faulkner wants the reader to stay in engaged and get an understanding of what could have lead up to the possible odor coming from…show more content…
(Be sure to SUPPORT your answers with evidence from the text.) Exposition Ends when Homer is introduced because at that point all characters have been introduced. Climax begins when Emily goes to purchase Arsenic because the writer adds tension for the reader to see exactly what Emily will do with the Arsenic. Resolution begins when Emily’s family enter the home and find the body of Homer which lead to the cause of the odor from the home. 4. Emily is clearly the story’s PROTAGONIST. In the sense that he opposes her wishes, Homer is the ANTAGONIST. What other characters --or what larger forces -- are in CONFLICT with Emily? The Board of Elderman, Four Men who crossed the Lawn and the Women of the Town are in conflict with Emily 5. Explain how each of these phrases moves the story’s plot along:The original version of “A Rose for Emily” included a two-page deathbed scene revealing that Tobe, Emily’s servant, has shared her terrible secret all these years, and that Emily has left her house to him. Why do you think Faulkner deleted this scene? Do you think he made the right decision? (Be sure to SUPPORT your answers with evidence from the text.) Faulkner deleted the scene because Tobe as a character was portrayed just as a servant throughout and seen going back and forth the grocery store. More detail would have been presented in how he shared the secret. Faulkner made the right decision because Tobe’s character /role stayed consistent throughout.

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