A Scholarly Paper On Northern Kentucky 's Own Professor

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Cameron Addie
Nathan Singer
English 291-011
30 April 2015
Evaluating a Scholarly Source
I am going to evaluate the scholarly paper that Northern Kentucky’s own professor Jonathan S. Cullick has written about the book called The Turner Diaries written by William Luther Pierce. To summaries Cullick’s written work. He has a complaint about this book being called a work of fiction, not because it is a super racist and anti-government book, but he is saying that the book cannot be called fiction, because the main character or the narrator voice in the book is not truly a character. Cullick talks about how this fictional novel went to court because it was more like a blueprint for terroristic acts such as the Oklahoma City Bombing. In this piece I think Cullick is trying to show us what is not technically considered a fictional novel. Cullick shows this by bring up statements made, by what would be perceived as normally non-racist people of this world giving reviews of this book. As well he shows his own literary beliefs, on why this is not to him technically a book. In the begging Cullick uses past trail cases to show what The Turners Diaries have done to the American society, “King chained Byrd’s ankles to his pick-up truck and dragged him, he clumsily joked,“ We’re starting The Turner Diaries early.” (Duggan A05). He then talks about how the Turner Diaries was a word of mouth book at first and considered “the bible” of these neo-Nazi militia groups. Cullick then begins to

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