A Self Driving Car

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Technology has continued to grow and advanced over time and since 1920 people have begun to envision and research the possibility of a self-driving car. Autonomous cars are no longer a simply an idea for the future with current technologies we are very close to having consumer product available. Now the question is are autonomous cars going to be safe for the road. With new technology being developed and refined many company have begun to design their own versions of autonomous cars. Based on the huge backing of companies combined with possibilities of modern day sensors, computers, and programming languages, it is accurate to say that autonomous cars will be more than safe use in the general public. Strong focus will be given to Google and the efforts to bring this concept to fruition. The Google car is focused on safety and functionality over appearance and luxurious aspects. They have already be road tested and haven proven they can perform if put up to the test. Autonomous should continue to evolve and become part of everyday life. Google Cars formally a secret projects, now out in the open but let us go into what makes the Google autonomous vehicles. What has been called the heart of the system is the velodyne 64-beam laser which creates a detail map of the surroundings (GUIZZO). The vehicle uses the laser measurements and a high-resolution maps of the world in order to guide the vehicle and follow traffic laws (GUIZZO). This beam laser is supported by four radars

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