A Separate Peace Character Analysis

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The book A Separate Peace is written in the main character’s perspective. His name is Gene and he isn't very good at sports. Meanwhile his best friend Phineas excels at sports. The book begins with Gene as an adult at his old school Devon. He then begins to talk about about how much he has grown since those day by stating, “ I had more money and success and “security” than in the days when specters seemed to go up and down them with me.” At first I was confused why the author put quotation marks around security but it soon made sense. The author used the literary element Foil to highlight Phineas. The character he used to do this was Gene. This helped the reader establish a sense of feeling and connection with Gene. This is an efficient way to hook the reader in and wanna keep reading. So I will be discussing how exactly the author did this. There are always gonna be people who have different strengths than us and sometimes we wish we had that strength. Gene is a perfect example except he wishes he was exactly like Phineas. So Gene creates his own rivalry with him because of how much he admires him and wants to strive to be better than him. This is shown when he states, “I found a single sustaining thought. The thought was, You and Phineas are even already. You are even in enmity. You are both coldly driving ahead for yourselves alone....I felt better. We were even after all, even in enmity. The deadly rivalry was on both sides after all.” This quote shows that he

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