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  • The Management Of Feeling : Hochschild 's Discussion Of Feelings

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    3.4 Management of Feeling Hochschild’s discussion of feelings allows us to understand how our feeling provides us with the bearings and guidance we need to reach a sense of both subjectivity and objectivity. The next question is: what do we do with this knowledge? According to Hochschild, we need to manage our feeling, either by surface or deep acting, in order to manage our display of feeling in the world. Hochschild (2003, p. 35) is convinced that all of us do a certain amount of acting, that

  • The Feelings Of Emotions

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    my experience. When I have solid emotions, on the off chance that I express them completely, the sentiments blur and I feel nonpartisan once more. Which is unexpected, on the grounds that to tell somebody how I fondle closes with me not even truly feeling that way any longer. Like the time it requires to tell somebody the investment—once you've said it, it's never again in fact even obvious. Be that as it may, I think about whether there isn't another probability: Assume individuals developed to walk

  • The Feelings Of Nature And Man

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    The Feelings of Nature and Man Shelley’s novel Frankenstein really describes Victor Frankenstein’s state of mind as it impacts the thematic movement of the novel, using light, color, speed, temperature, sound and smell. The similarities that are used in Shelley’s novel between Frankenstein’s feelings and the landscapes he describes are striking. Victor Frankenstein, a man with great determination and pride, had a strong desire to prove people wrong that he could create life. Trying to successfully

  • The Feeling Of Pain By Elaine Scarry

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    Indirect Pain The feeling of pain has often been referred to as a controversial one, as one of the sensations that is felt by the body. Recently, discussions about the subject of pain have been focused on the difficulty encountered in trying to establish a definition for it. Because pain has no one definition, expressing it becomes quite elusive for the sufferer, which then leads to the difficulty in the understanding of pain by an outsider. Elaine Scarry makes a strong argument that “to have pain

  • The James-Bard Bypothesis Of Feeling

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    The James-Lange hypothesis of feeling was proposed by clinicians William James and Carl Lange. As indicated by this hypothesis, as we encounter diverse occasions, our sensory system creates physical responses to these occasions. Cases of these responses incorporate expanded heart rate, trembling, irritated stomach, and so forth. These physical responses thusly make enthusiastic responses, for example, outrage, dread and pity. For instance, envision sitting in a dim room without anyone else's input

  • Eloquent Feelings And Safe Places

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    Eloquent Feelings and Safe Places Stephen Dunn 's poems makes sure to let the reader stop and think, and as a creative writing teacher he knows how to do just that. Winner of awards such as the “Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, “The James Wright Prize”,and the “Paterson Award for Sustained Literary Achievement”, his work “The Sacred”, published back in 1989, shows off his literary genius in normal experiences and captures the vehement thought in his writing that

  • Introversion, Gut Feelings, And Trust

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    Introversion, Gut Feelings, and Trust By Lynette Crane | Submitted On January 20, 2015 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Lynette Crane Maybe - just maybe - your gut-level feeling that you shouldn

  • Insights Into My Own Feelings

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    Insights into My Own Feelings Poems often give you insights into your own feelings and experiences. Jimmy Baca wrote a poem called So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans, and upon reading this poem, I discovered many insights into my own feelings. Jimmy Baca seems to be angry at the fact that Americans think Mexicans take their jobs away. The feelings I have towards what’s happening in this poem is that Americans are often victimized, a feeling of being offended, and I feel confused. After reading

  • Extrinsic, Intuitive, Feeling And Perception

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    recall is ENFP; Extrinsic, Intuitive, Feeling and Perception. I derive my energy from an external source. I like being around people and their perception about me matters a lot. I have lots of friends and I like to be in the company of people as well as being at the center of attraction. I perceive things not only through my senses but through imagination and experience. This phenomenon is known as having a sixth sense by many people. I consider the feelings of other people in making decisions;

  • States Of Feelings Through Collaboration Or Series

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    States of Feelings through Collaboration or Series Everyone has feeling whether they show them or not, and they have a great impact on how, what and why we create art. However, how much of our emotions are shown through our facial expressions? How well can another read those expressions versus how well can we read that same person’s of state of emotion through their art. None the less anger may result in strong gestural painting. Addition to anger any strong emotion can come through in whatever