A Separate Peace Title Analysis

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Nikki La
Mrs. Donaldson
H. English 2, Period 6
3 October 2017
Title Meaning in A Separate Peace
The title of the book, A Separate Peace is completely relevant to the story of the two boys Gene and Phineas and their relationship. The title shows how the boys put themselves in completely different realities, a separate peace. This first occurs when Gene manages to push Phineas out of the tree causing him to shatter one of his legs. Phineas refuses to believe Gene, his best friend would purposely hurt him. “I don’t know, I must have just lost my balance. It must have been that. I did have this idea, this feeling that when you were standing there beside me, yー I don’t know, I had a kind of feeling” (Knowles 66). This quote shows that Phineas has
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Both Gene and Phineas are confronted with the truth when Leper tells of what he saw on that frightful day. He compares what he saw to an engine. “‘I can’t think of the name of the engine. But it has two pistons. What is that engine? Well anyway, in this engine first one piston sinks, and then the next one sinks. The one holding on to the trunk sank for a second, up and down like a psi on, and then the other one sank and fell” (Knowles 176). Phineas is finally confronted with the truth behind the incident and that his best friend did in fact make him fall off the tree. Phineas is so overwhelmed after hearing this, he falls down the stairs, which ends up being fatal. “Then these separate sounds collided into the general tumult of his body falling clumsily down the white marble stairs” (Knowles 177). After the death of Phineas, Gene attains ultimate peace and peace of mind as he gets older and understands Phineas’ nonviolent nature. “Only Phineas never was afraid, only Phineas never hated anyone” (Knowles 204). After the death, Phineas himself also attains peace, with his heart at peace with Gene. Gene feels very alone without Phineas. He no longer has his best friend and “separate
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