A Short Note On The Internal Analysis Of Nintendo Essay

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Internal analysis of Nintendo Nintendo is the most influential and famous game platform manufacturer, a leader in portable gaming platform. Nintendo Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Nintendo has global sales of more than 20 million copies of the game software, creating many famous characters in the history of the game, such as Mario, Donkey Kong and create the most classic game in the history of the game, such as the Legend of Zelda. Nintendo production and sales of home consoles and game software, including GameCube Nintendo and the world 's best-selling handheld game console Boy Game series. Nintendo of America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo, located in Washington Redmond, Nintendo in the Americas and Europe operations center. About 40% of American households own Nintendo home gaming consoles. It maintains a profit margin of more than 20%, unique in Japan’s large enterprises. As a super large enterprise with sales of over one trillion yen, there are only about 5000 employees, so the average sales per employee is also very high (about 5 times that of TOYOTA). In addition, as such a large-scale enterprise without any financial activities, it is a special one. Nintendo ranked 2009 best in the world top 40 enterprises list. In the past 5 years, Nintendo 's revenue growth rate reached 36%, the average value of 38%. Despite the hard times in the last year, Nintendo insisted the concept of innovation to help the company develop a DS handheld game

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