Nintendo Marketing Plan

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| Marketing Plan Nintendo Encore | | | | | | | | | | | | | TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Executive Summary 4 2. Problem Statement 4 3. External Analysis 5 3.1 Macro Analysis 5 3.1.1 Demographic 5 3.1.2 Economic 5 3.1.3 Social-Cultural 6 3.1.4 Technological 6 3.2 Meso Analysis 7 3.2.1 Global Video Game Industry Sales 7 3.2.2 New Trend in Video Game Industry 8 3.2.3 Porter’s Five Forces 9 3.3 Competitors Analysis 10 3.3.1 Sony 10 3.3.2 Microsoft 11 3.3.3 Apple 12 4. Internal analysis 13 4.1 The Company 13 4.2 Current Marketing Strategy 13 5. SWOT Analysis 16 5.1 Strengths 16 5.2 Weaknesses 16 5.3 Opportunities 16 5.4 Threats 16 5.5 Confrontation Matrix…show more content…
The introduction of smart phones and tablets have change the gamers’ way on playing video games. These new gadgets allow people to be 24-7 connected on the internet and the amount of games available online that can be play on a telephone or a tablet is huge. Therefore, mobile device gaming is a segment with a fast growth rate at the moment, though the world is in a recession. All these developments have created a new type of market. The video games industry has changed dramatically, from a teenage boy playing in front of the TV to a business man or woman playing on a smart phone, blackberry or tablet. Video games are socially accepted as an entertainment tool and has being viewed positively. Finally new online companies are creating new games that do not need a console so they can be played easily, anytime and anywhere. This factor affects our sales dramatically because our product might be seen as old fashion. Nintendo however is not present in this new market and therefore it is very important to take in consideration to enter this new area because at the moment the company does not have products that satisfy those new needs resulting in the loose of sales and consequently revenues. 3. External Analysis 3.1 Macro Analysis 3.1.1 Demographic The current population in the United Kingdom (UK) has reached 62.3
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