A Short Note On The Testing Phase ( Beta ) Of Software Or Hardware

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It’s broken, it gives you migraines, nausea, and causes you to reevaluate your life choices! What is it? Surprisingly, it’s not actually your children or some random kid that is crying himself to sleep. Ok it’s probably not that bad but you get the idea It.’s actually the much anticipated Oculus Rift Headgear that will be coming out soon. Now, you may be thinking: “That’s not possible! There’s no way it can be broken!” Well I am here to prove you wrong. Migraines and nausea are only a few of the problems that will be wrong with the OR headgear. The other problems consist of configuration issues (inducing stuff other than migraines), and some operating systems just plain out not playing it. Due to the testing phase (beta) of software or hardware having such a low user base, when the Oculus Rift gets released to the public, there will undoubtedly be problems with it. Most of these, weirdly enough, comprise of those of a screaming kid. The very first thing a company should ask themselves when they try on their OR headgear is, “Will it cause any sickness of any sorts?” Apparently, the answer to that question is yes. According to multiple users who have tried out the headgear and used themselves as guinea pigs, after hitting the one-hour mark, the tester was “queasy and had a minor headache”. This is only after 1 hour of playing on the Oculus Rift. Now imagine playing for 3 or even 4 hours on it, the side effects that that guy experienced for one hour will most likely have

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