A Short Story : A Presidential Heist

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A Presidential Heist The tire zipped along the long, narrow road, ready to make a long journey that its driver demanded. It was free to zoom along for what seemed like an eternity, but in fact the fuel was reaching near empty. James Tillman knew what was at stake. He knew this was the riskiest thing he has ever done, and that’s saying a lot as a criminal. He knew that more likely than not, he was headed back to his second home.
James was already in too deep to give up now. A few years ago, he was relishing his masterpiece when suddenly the front door threw itself back, opening the house up to the stormy day. Massive black coats enveloped James and sped off in their SUV with tinted windows. Hours later, James woke up tied to a chair, …show more content…

In this room, James felt like an explorer, like Christopher Columbus finding a new continent. Months later, however, it would end the exact same way it started: Iron fists pounded the door down and in came heavy boots from the stormy afternoon, finding the target being the only thought in their minds. James got taken away once again, but now he faced harsh punishment locked behind bars.
Tonight, it is make it or break it. Tonight, James is risking his life. Tonight, it is James against the world. Cruising in a company Ferrari, James repeats I won’t get caught over and over again. The light brown inside matches perfectly with the fresh coating of red paint outside of the car. Leather completes the entire convertible, from the wheel to the seats. However, the dashboard flashes with several requests, including fixing the engine and replacing the oil.
James is completely alone on the open road. Everyone in his life is gone: his parents, wife, and siblings. He picks up a picture of Thomas, his brother and best friend, admiring his curly hair and warm smile and bright eyes. Near him, James felt like a kid, like a dog ready to play with its friends. Five years ago, Thomas walked home from the supermarket when a flashy car exploded out of the corner and knocked him over, never getting him on his feet again. A part of James also never got back up that day, or any day after the incident for

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