A Short Story : A Story?

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“You will be sleeping here. Ghim and I will be downstairs in case you do something.” stuttered Javier. “Something what?” I interrogated. “Nevermind. Good night, we will wake you up tomorrow.” I went outside on the balcony that was in my room. About a hundred yards away, I saw the princess, gazing at the stars as she was on the balcony as well. Her blue eyes, long blond hair, and gorgeous smile all attracted my eyes. I couldn’t stop laying my eyes off her. I went to my bed and closed the balcony door.
“Ding-Dong. Ding-Dong.”
I got up and wiped my eyes. I tiredly walked downstairs and started wobbling back and forth. I saw Ghim and Javier already and the bottom, as they were standing as straight as a stick and patiently awaiting me at the bottom.
“Good morning,” greeted Javier.
“Good morning,” I awkwardly mumbled.
“We are going to show you some more magic,” Ghim wisely said as he grabbed his wand.
Today, was comparable to yesterday. However, I failed many of the new moves that I’ve learned such as how to fly and how to transform. I knew that the whole world was in my hands and I wanted to grab that money. The world, hanging on my shoulders, and the thought of the princess pounded my heart as loud as an elephant's sneeze. I continued to practice and practice as they taught me more.
“Hold on. I’m getting a call,” interrupted Ghim. He went a few yards away from Javier and I and pulled out his phone. We didn’t admire anything by the tone of his voice. Ghim started sweating

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