A Short Story : A Story?

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Susan was a petite young woman with a meek exterior and a raging fire inside. It was a fire of excitement, of adrenaline and thrill seeking. Today, she sought to feed that fire. There was a rock wall, located in a sprawling state park, that boasted to be one of the most dangerous in the state. It ran along a powerful water fall and was not for the faint of heart. One might be surprised, by looking at her, that she would attempt such a thing. But she had conquered white rapids and triathlons, and today she would conquer this. She had taken a winding steep path, difficult to navigate, to prepare for the climb. As she walked she admired the beauty of nature, absorbing the sights and smells. She couldn’t help but smile, this was her environment. This made her feel alive. She had come to the park just as dawn broke and relished in the peacefulness. She had always been most comfortable when she was alone. The path elevated wound along a river and she could hear the thundering water of the falls. She turned a corner with anticipation and stood in awe. The fall was huge, stretching high into the sky. She had to crane her neck to see the top. Water fell in torrents of white sheets and crashed into a foamy bottom. Birds circled overhead, screeching. A great wooden bridge stretched from the end of her path across to the other side. She walked to the center of it and stopped, closing her eyes and letting the water mist over her. She could smell the old wood. She turned, enjoying the

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