A Short Story : A Story?

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Ringing the doorbell several times, Karen screamed, pounding on the door, she yelled, “Wake up Dan. Wake up, Dan! I need your help.”
Ready to give up, she heard him say, “Hold on I’m coming!” Opening the front door, Karen saw her neighbor standing in the doorway wearing only his boxer shorts and started sobbing. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked.
Pulling her into the house, he asked again, “Karen, what's the matter?” Through her sobbing, she was able to tell him. Something was wrong with their Katherine.
“Where is she now?” He asked as Karen rushed out the door, motioning for him to follow her as she ran across the neighbor’s lawn.
Stopping in the driveway, pointing to the side of the house, she said, “She’s over there.”
“Have you called 911?” He asked, rushing over to check Katherine.
“No, but I will,” Karen said, hurrying into the house. “They’re on their way,” she said, coming out the door.
“We should wait out front,” Dan said, walking up the driveway.
Stuttering, Karen asked, “Is she, I mean is she still alive?” “There is blood everywhere. I’m sure Katherine is dead. While waiting, Dan stayed with Karen and listened as she described what happened. “Bouncer woke me up around 6:00. I thought he needed to go potty. When we came out the front door, I heard a noise over here and looked up as a man came from the back yard and ran down the driveway. I yelled, “What are you doing?”He stopped and looked straight into my eyes. At first, he looked as though he

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