A Short Story : A Story?

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Emma scanned the blueprint another time as she looked over at the large building in front of her. Pulling her legs closer to her, she could feel fletchinder’s eyes scanning the paper as well. Her mask was on and she could feel the pressure as it seemed to tighten in her chest. “Emma you ready?” A voice asked in her ear. “As I’ll ever be.” She whispered before rolling up the blueprint and tucking it away. Jumping down from the tree branch she looked up at the fire bird as it swooped down to her. Landing on her shoulder, she called on houndoom, ninetails and monferno. She could feel the nervousness radiating off of the four fire types. Taking a deep breath, she rushed down the hill towards the building. She disappeared into the shadows along with the pokemon. “You ready?” She asked as she looked over her shoulder at the four fire types. They nodded as they split apart allowing the aura pokemon forward. “Create a distraction.” Emma whispered to lucario. The pokemon nodded before rushing to the front of the building as Emma led the fire types to the back. She heard the explosion as lucario did his job. Shouted echoed a few minutes later as the members called out pokemon. “Flamethrower at the wall.” She ordered. Monferno, ninetails and houndoom immediately set to work. “Get an aerial view and make sure no one is coming.” Fletchinder nodded before flying into the dark sky. He disappeared from her sight after a few moments. She turned her attention to the three other

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