A Short Story : A Story?

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“Claire Paris?” the middle age lady said. “Oh! That’s you.” my mom said. My parents and I stood up, I looked at her. She was smiling at me, I thought she was too optimistic, like she had such a perfect life without even saying anything. We followed the lady to her office, she opened her door and lead us to the tan colored couch for us to sit on. “My name Laurie Maxwell, and how are you guys?” Right then, I saw a tear coming out of my dad’s eye, more and more came out onto his cheeks, nose, lips. “We’re not great, I can tell you that.” My dad chuckled. “Well that’s why you’re here, for my help.” Laurie said. “So tell me what happened.” she added. My mom started saying “Claire got diagnosed and she had to give up swim, competitive swim.” “Oh, I’m sorry” Laurie sounded more depressed. “How long have you swam competitively.” I looked at her, I could sense my parents looking at me, thinking I’d answer her. Instead my mom answered, “7 years.” “Well that’s a long time.” Laurie replied. My mom wanted me to talk to Laurie privately, so my parents decided to exit the room. I didn’t want them to leave, I didn’t want to tell some random lady about my problem and how I felt about. But right then, they were gone. Before my parents and I agreed to see a shrink, I didn't want anything to do with seeing someone about my problems, I tried every excuse of not going to see a shrink like: “Oh I’m better, I don’t need to see anyone” or “I don’t want to tell a stranger about my problems”. Which

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