A Short Story : A Story?

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My legs won’t stop jittering in the passenger footwell of Jacob’s ute. I’m so nervous. I haven’t been back to the city since I left for Hope over three years ago. It has been easier to ignore the life I left behind when it was over a six hour drive away. But now here I am, sitting next to man too handsome and kind for his own good, heading straight back into that lion’s den. It’s not that I didn’t have a great life there. I did. However it’s a completely different life to what I want and what I live now. And I haven’t been away long enough to forget how bitchy and snobby my old friends can be. To be really honest, I’m not sure what I’m more nervous about, facing my past or my past meeting Jacob. Jacob squeezes my thigh, interrupting my thoughts, “Hey over there, you alright?” He asks. I nod, not sure if I’ll sound convincing enough if I say the words out loud. “How much longer till we’re there?” I ask him in a voice weaker than normal. I haven’t paid any attention to the drive. “Not long. I think we’re about an hour away,” He quickly glances at me, “You sure you’re okay?” He asks, in that damn genuine voice of his. I nod again. Placing my hand over his, I give it a squeeze, before gazing back out the window. Megan and Matt are getting married out at the Northern Beaches. It’s a beautiful spot with unspoilt views of the Pacific Ocean — I mean that’s why I had chosen it. Just over an hour later we pull into the hotel’s driveway. Jacob insisted we stay here at the very

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