A Short Story : A Story?

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Madeline awoke gradually in the warm strength of Gabriel’s arms. She snuggled closer, half tempted to let herself drift off again, but she knew she couldn’t. She had work to do.
Sitting up, she gently unwound herself from Gabriel’s arms, smiling as she caught sight of her tousled hair in the mirror. Last night had been absolutely perfect, she couldn’t have asked for better. She threw a glance over her shoulder at Gabriel, who still slept, snoring gently. Her smile widened as she gazed thoughtfully at him. He looked so handsome, even in sleep, that she had to fight the urge to lean in and wake him with a kiss.
Moving into the bathroom, she stared at the enormous smile on her face in the mirror for several long minutes. In spite of everything that had happened with La Panthère, she couldn’t remember the last time she had been this happy. Gabriel was everything to her now. She had never expected to be able to let someone in so completely, but there was something about him that had completely won her over.
Realization broke into her consciousness like lightning. She was falling for him. Totally and completely. She didn’t want to live a life without Gabriel and that scared her. She had always been on her own, having her happiness linked to someone else was new...and terrifyingly exhilarating.
Madeline leaned against the sink, trying to catch her breath at the idea. She had never seriously considered settling down with someone, she had assumed that she would be alone for the

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