A Short Story : A Story?

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Kissing the driver good-bye, Marlene exited the Malibu and waltzed across the parking lot. The raven-haired beauty with a taste for the finer things in life, unlocked the Mercedes parked in the doctor’s parking lot. Driving out onto Imperial Highway to Highway 74, her thoughts lingered on the last few hours spent with her lover. On the way home, Marlene drove fast to get there ahead of Jerry and Andrew. Entering the garage without seeing Jerry’s car, she smiled. Marlene went into the house, made a fresh pot of coffee, and glanced through the mail while waiting for her husband and father-in-law to arrive.
Answering the phone, she rolled her eyes when she saw her mother calling, Marlene said, “Barnes’ residence.”
Katherine said, “Now, I know why you’re always late for lunch!”
Detecting anger in Katherine’s voice, Marlene asked, “Mother, what are you talking about?” “Marlene Sue Barnes, you cheating hussy. You don’t care about anyone, but yourself.” Katherine said raising her voice. Marlene didn’t respond, Katherine said, “Don’t play stupid with me! Your boyfriend called. What are you doing?”
Pretending she didn’t know what upset her mother, Marlene, said, “Mother, tell me what’s on your mind, or are you losing it?”
Trying to remain calm, Katherine said, “Okay, let’s start at the beginning. After lunch, you left your phone on my counter. It rang, and I answered it, a man said, ‘How’s my Baby doing? Thanks for a marvelous time. I’m anxious to see you again tomorrow. I love

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