A Short Story : A Story?

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The desert wind whipped loose tendrils of Madeline’s blonde hair around her face as they stepped onto the tarmac in Cairo. She tied a light blue scarf around her head, the ends fluttering just outside her view. She had chosen to wear a loose fitting white shirt and light blue pants and she was glad she had. It was a billion degrees here!
Madeline surveyed the landscape a little disbelievingly. She was in Egypt! She had dreamed of traveling to faraway places for so long, but it had always seemed like a distant dream. Smiling, she caught sight of the hazy outlines of the pyramids in the distance.
“Well, that’s everything.”
Madeline turned her dreamy smile on Gabriel who stood just behind them with their luggage.
“What?” Gabriel chuckled shyly, shifting from one foot to the other. Madeline laughed lightly, moving to take her bag from him.
“Nothing,” she grinned. “It’s just. I mean I’m in Egypt!”
Gabriel’s own smile widened at her excitement. “You haven’t even been out of the airport yet. Just wait, it gets better.”
With a nod, Madeline tried to shoulder her bag, but Gabriel stopped her. “I can carry it for you.”
“Thanks,” Madeline shrugged. “But it’s not heavy.”
Truthfully, she didn’t want Gabriel to discover that she had brought the dress he made her. That would give away her identity completely. It had been a last minute impulse, but she couldn’t leave the dress behind. Still, she felt nervous that Gabriel might discover it.
“Okay,” Gabriel agreed easily. “If you’re sure.”

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