A Short Story : A Story Of A Spooky Story

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Spooky Story Janice Newman is a girl despised by all girls at her school. She is not like the other girls at her school, meaning that she is not as pretty, perfect, or good at school. She is overweight, short, greasy, and very ugly. This story will not be sugar coated, and everything will be very direct and true. Believe everything I write, because I saw everything. Janice was walking down the school corridor, making her way to her locker for her supplies for her next class. The picture-perfect Barbie cheerleaders make her way, and form a scowl, while the others just giggle. "Ew! It's Janice, the fat Butterball! Ugh, I'm going to barf!", says Cheryl, the head cheerleader. Cheryl's minions jokingly make gagging sounds, and Janice puts her head down and scatters her way to class. I glanced back, and the cheerleaders haven't stopped laughing ever since she left. I shrug and walk off to my class, which I have with Janice. I see Janice walking towards the back corner of the classroom, without reservation, away from the rest of the children in our class. I listen to my teacher's monotonous lecture. His voice sounds so boirng and mono, that his voice begins fade, and my eyes slowly become blurry and I fall asleep. I hear a loud smack sound near my desk. I raise up my head, my eyes looking like I am looking at the sun, and I see my teacher staring icily at me. "Yikes, did I fall asleep in your class, Mr. Asher? Sorry about that!", I chuckle, and he is still glaring at

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