A Short Story : A Story Of Heaven's Story

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Bennett was his name, a strong, smart, and handsome man.
Those were the only blessings he gained in his lifespan.
He had just turned 22 and was only a peasant.
He dreamed of getting out of the lowest class
But his life sentenced by Fortuna, goddess of fortune, was full of harass.
His father who was once a baker worked long days on the land
He became so tired that by the end of the day he could barely stand.
Bennett knew he didn’t want to end up like this so he worked very hard but in the end it didn’t matter because the wheel always steered him back and Fortuna had much disregard.

One day Bennett was walking along a path with a sack of soybean seeds.
He had just got done pulling many many weeds.
Though he was strong, his back ached and his body was done.
His face glistened with sweat from the beating rays of the sun.
As he hobbled through dust and dirt, he heard a beautiful voice from over a hill.
As he got closer he saw long golden hair getting longer and longer as he peered over and he became very still.
She had bronzed skin and crystal blue eyes.
The kind that seemed so wise.
She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid eyes upon.
He turned away quickly, too nervous to approach and he was gone.
For three more days he repeated this.
Until the forth day he knew she was something he couldn’t miss.

When he went up to her she turned around slowly and gradually softened her song.
They stared for a while, but not very long.
She made a soft smile and took his

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