A Short Story : The Story Of The Story

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The story opens to a local park the kids are all in their own little world hanging out with each other. Kameron is not at the park he is working since it’s only him and Kory. Jai is sitting on a picnic table talking to Kory “Jai have you ever wanted to hear?” Jai shakes her head no i’ve never wanted to hear, there’s so much sad stuff on the news and sometimes a lot of yelling so why would i want to hear all of that. “Lenny and daniel walk over they are carrying snacks” lenny hands Jai a soda, where’s Jory? Jai looks down all sad and signs work. Everyone gets a little glum. On the other side of the park sits Lauryn Ari Manny Jacksyn and Lynn, Lauryn is talking about how snobby Jai is. Lynn you know that girl with the hot twin? Jory? she replies “yes well his sister is deaf and my god she is so snotty always having him asking and doing everything for her like my god she can grow up and do it herself how hard is it.” Manny rolls his eyes for Lauryn is always a complete snotty girl. Ari! Lauryn screams, come here now! Ari frightened,.... Yes Lauryn? Where’s my drink? Well Lauryn it was a long line and the boys in fr- Ari YOU KNOW WHAT I ASKED FOR AND I WANT IT NOW SO GO GET IT DON’T MAKE ME ASK TWICE. Ari runs away tears streaming her eyes. Manny stands up, Lauryn why are you so mean to your sister clearly she’s just trying to tell you what’s going on. Lauryn’s shocked since no one ever stands up to her. Kory Jai Lenny and Daniel make there way to the baseball diamond where

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