A Short Story : A Story?

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Chris thought his uncle was going crazy because the place was as empty as an abandoned city. But, he somehow had a strange feeling that his uncle would find a way. His uncle started to run around the bottom floor, he hit anything he possibly could and made the place look like a tornado had just ran through. “Why did you…” His uncle shushed him before Chris could continue speaking. Then, he heard it. At first it was a very quiet rumbling, but then it turned into loud marching, it was security guards. That’s why his uncle ran around, to attract the security guards. They both ran to the side of the stairs to surprise the guards and hopefully interrogate one of them and find the control room. The guards suddenly appeared, they looked like a line of ants, one after another. Chris and his uncle were quick enough to drag the last one of the party close to them. They slowly watched the other guards fall out of hearing range, then they got to work. His uncle started first, “Where is the control room?” “I’ll never tell you,” the guard replied. “Okay, then I’ll have to kill you,” His uncle slowly raised his fist, then brought it down with massive speed. “Wait!” The guard screamed. Chris’ uncle’s hand was only millimeters away from smashing the guard’s face into jelly, “It’s on the 70th floor, last door at the end of the hall.” “Thank you,” His uncle took the security guard into a room and locked him inside. “Let’s go.” Chris and his uncle ran to the elevator and

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