A Short Story : A Story?

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It was always white when Rose made a jump to a new universe. It was similar to a flash of lightning but caused her whole vision to blank out. Involuntarily she squeezed her eyes shut against the bright light, causing her to see a different white wall. A white wall which brought back painful memories filled with screams of take me back, smudged mascara, and a feeling of hopelessness. Taking a deep breath, Rose opened her eyes again, blinking against the bright world around her. In front of her stood the most glorious sight of the world, the Powell Estates. She looked up at the sky and sighed in relief when she saw no zeppelins in the sky. Stepping forward she winced, hunching over against the painful wave of nausea that impacted against her stomach. She cursed herself for forgetting the sickness that came after the first attempt at a jump in a while. When the nausea finally reduced to a dull ache, she straightened out of her crouch and immediately noticed a blonde woman who seemed to be gaping at her. Muttering a few choice alien swear words under her breath, she attempted to smile cheerily at the woman. “Hello. Sorry, we’re just testing some new devices at--,” The woman interrupted her, her dark brow furrowed over her pretty hazel eyes, “Now, Rose that wasn’t very nice.” Instantly on alert when the woman uttered her name, Rose narrowed her eyes, “How did you know-- wait you understood me?” She rolled her eyes, gesturing in front of her with one of her hands, as though

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