A Short Story : A Story?

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The next morning, back in his cell, Lincoln had time to think. He had always been taught to think positively and never give up. This mantra had got him through some pretty sticky situations. However, this current one was going to top them all. There just seemed to be no way out of there and their captors are not showing themselves at all. He felt like a circus performer who was expected to perform more and more daring stunts. If he failed, he was dead. That incentive alone was what had been keeping him going so far. At some stage, though, he has got to go on the offensive. It was just a question of how? He began to cast his mind back to his last mission in Tajikistan. On that mission, he was also in an impossible situation, although he did not know it at the time. His salvation came in the form of outside help. His long lost love, Michelle, rescued him with the help of AST soldiers. In fact, most of his missions had been successful because of help he received along the way. In this situation, though, no outside help was possible and none was forthcoming. No one even knew he was there, especially Michelle. She was not due back for another six months. His colleagues and bosses at the AST only knew that he was at his country retreat. There was no need for any of them to contact him. Hell, even his neighbour knew that he disappeared for long periods. Hope he feeds the cat! This reminiscing made him quite despondent, pining for Michelle. He felt like he was never going to see her

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