A Short Story : A Story?

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While driving, she allowed her mind to wander, thinking about the good times she shared with her mother as tears poured down her face blinding her. Forcing her to stop at the curb, sobbing, Marlene pleaded, “Mom, you can’t be dead. You’re my best friend, What am I going to do without you. Oh, Dear God, please, please let me wake up from this nightmare,” she prayed.
Arriving at Frank’s apartment, Marlene hesitated, to get out of the car. “Am I being punished?” She asked. Finally, she went up the long walkway running by the side of the old, gray concrete apartment building. Opening the door, she stepped inside, and started sobbing, “I can’t do this.” Rushing back to the car, she wept as she drove home.
Arriving home, Marlene stumbled into the house, knocking over and breaking an antique lamp, before falling onto the sofa sobbing, calling out, “Mother, Mother, who would do this to you? How am I going to live without you?”
When she had no more tears left to cry, Marlene wiped her eyes with a tissue, before she called her husband. When he answered the phone, she screamed. “Jerry, someone killed my mother. She’s dead. Who would kill her?” She asked, dropping the phone on the floor.
Trying in vain to hear what Marlene was saying, Jerry finally gave up, and said, “I’m on my way home.”
On the way home, Jerry wondered if Marlene was drunk again. I’m sure I didn’t hear her correctly. Katherine can’t be dead. Parking in the garage, Jerry rushed into the house to find his

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