A Short Story : A Story?

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My palms sweat, my feet shiver as a mysterious white figure stands over me draining my soul. “ Leave me alone!” I shouted. The mysterious figure reach down , a sharp pain in my side. The shiny gold blade was tinted red as he started monologuing. “ Jake!” My friend shouted.
With all my strength I ran. “ Jake simmons!” The white figure stuck out his hand like reaching something. His hand stuck on us and a white gleaming smile went up chin to chin. He pointed to the window. I looked at the ground , closer , closer ,closer …. “ Welcome to new york !” I shouted. My heart was pulsing rapidly, as I hear screams fall like leaves. A ominous stain of blackness covered the sky, darkened the clouds with fear. “ Are you okay ?!” John said.
“Yeah!”. His body becomes clasped with th- this cosmic aura. His feet crackle like popcorn, his eyes bulge. “ No! Help me please!” The current building gets torn apart piece by piece. I taste a salty, nauseating liquid fill my mouth. It’s blood. My eyes level with the ground. A red velvety liquid came from my side. I reach my hand out , a loud, short yelp comes from a cloaked figure. An icy stream of liquid fill the room. I walk back to my apartment and sleep. My test was hard . Everybody in class was waiting for the bell to ring. Violet Cho , she was my best friend for 12 years now , but I know she wanted to be more than that, right? Wrong. She had a boyfriend before I knew it . Meanwhile at home, “ Get away from my family !” Dad
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