A Short Story : Little Red Riding Hood

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Little Red Riding Hood There was once a little girl who was called ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ by all who knew her due to the bright red cloak she wore everywhere she went. She was the most caring and respectful child in her village, always treating her elders well. Most of all she loved her grandmother who lived in the next village over. One morning, after Red and her mother had finished praying to their ancestors, Red’s mother began to prepare a basket full of delicious goods. “Red, please take this food over to your Grandmother’s house. She has fallen ill and needs something to help her get better. Stay on the paths, walk quietly and calmly and go straight there and back. Make sure you’re respectful to anyone you might encounter on your way.” Red quickly gathered up the basket of goods, grabbed her red cloak and began on her way. The path to her grandmother’s house led through the woods, which were very peaceful during the day. Red had walked this was many times before and was quite surprised when she encountered a creature she had never seen before. A large gray wolf darted out onto the path in front of her and began to speak. “Well hello there dear, where are you going today?”, he spoke in a gravely voice. Red, remembering that her mother had told her to always respect everyone, decided that he couldn’t be of any harm and kindly responded. “I’m on my way to my Grandmother’s.” “What have you got in that lovely basket?” “I’ve

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