A Short Story Of A Stormy : A Stormy Island

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It is a cold stormy night and Braxton was on a boat by himself after he was in a plane crash. Braxston was lost at sea in the Atlantic Ocean and only had little food and water to survive. Days were going by and Braxston soon sees a island in the distance, as Braxston approaches the island he notices the temperature drops dramatically he gets off his boat and doesn't see anything but a large forest. He notices smoke from the distance and goes into the forest to see where the smoke is coming from. He sees a trail of rocks that turn into and paved road, all of a sudden he finds abandoned buildings that are burning.
As Baxston is confused, his main goal is to find food and water in order to survive. He searches through some buildings and enters and old office, on top of the office desk he discovers an old map from the gods of the island. Braxston was confused and didn't know what to think. Although he was confused, that didn't stop him. He put the map in his pocket just in case he needed it for his journey. As he walked out the old building, he was walking around and opened the map. He noticed there was an old barn not to far away. Braxston wanted to check it out to see if there was any food or water. A few hours went by and it was getting dark. Braxston hasn't reached the barn yet but he wanted a place to camp out since it was getting dark. He went into the woods got some old logs and set up a small campsite for himself. As he built his fire and was sitting next to it he heard

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