A Short Story Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott L. D. Gilman.

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Some people may call this person Grandpa, Pop-Pop, Granddad, Gramps, and Poppa. I call this person Papaw, he was and still is my hero, inspiration, and best friend. His name was Douglass Carlyle Hatfield. He had to grow up in a very small house with seven brothers. I grew up hearing about how hard it was for them. As he grew up he got out and made something of himself so that he could one day provide for a wife and family. Not many people can escape poverty the way he did. Papaw had great work ethic; however, it was not a cake walk. The mines were not an easy job, but he managed to make it work and get better at it. My papaw worked almost every day on a twelve-hour shift, he worked hard and got what he deserved. While growing up, I was always by his side no matter what, that’s what made us so close. He was such a hard worker, I wanted to be just like him. In my mind, I was half way there I already had his name, at the time I was still Heather Carlysle Hatfield. When mom made me get my last name changed to Funk, I was very irritated. I immediately told Papaw about this injustice and he just whispered in my ear, “You will always be a Hatfield to me.” That phrase will always be in my mind.
In third grade, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was only eight years old. At that time, I did not fully understand what was wrong with him and why he was not progressing in getting better. No one would explain what was wrong and that it was serious. They just kept expressing that he…
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