A Short Story

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I sat there waiting for Stradlater to come out of the bathroom for like two hours, but he never came. Finally, after like a total of three hours, he came out. “What were you doing in there jeez?” “ I was getting ready, what else would I be doing in there?” Stradlater said. “You know we are going to check out colleges, not pick up some hot girls off the street right?” “Ya duh,” he said with that tone in his voice when he acts like I’m dumb. By the looks of his hair, he definitely wasn’t going on these trips to actually figure out his goddam future or anything. The gel was overflowing through the ends of his hair. He just wanted to meet some hot college girls. Then he could walk around bragging about his college girlfriend. I …show more content…

I know I wouldn’t be allowed to wear it anyways because Pencey Prep has been “molding young boys into fine men for 200 years” or whatever it is, but I loved that hat, and I wanted to wear it. I probably could’ve ran up really quick and got it, but I decided not to. I didn’t want to make everyone wait up for me. Finally, we pulled up to Princeton’s campus. I have to admit, it was beautiful. From the back of the bus I heard someone say that it was grand. I really hate that word. Grand. It just bothers me a lot. But anyways, back to what I was saying. It was just so perfect and amazing. I would love to go here, but I know I never could. Unless a miracle happened, but miracles aren’t real. Anyone who believes in a miracle is a phony, and I hate phonies. You can’t be a real and true person if you believe in something so fake. Some people will say a miracle is just being optimistic. I disagree, but either way, I’m not optimistic. I’m a realist, so miracles just are not a thing to me I guess. Finally, after waiting for like an hour, our tour guide came. She was a junior at Princeton, and claimed she loved it. Except I only saw her as someone who had better things to do with her life, but for some unknown reason, decided to wake up, put on some cheap makeup, and give a tour to a group of immature boys like myself, who only care about those “hot” college girls. She looked like she was

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