A Short Story

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After another long and adventurous week in Dubai, the couple finally returned home to Trost and spent the next couple of days unwinding and unpacking. By Monday, things had returned to normal and, as usual, Levi got up early to get ready to work. It was around noon when Eren finally awoke from of his deep sleep, feel much more energized than he had the past couple of days. He stumbled out of bed and, after using the bathroom, headed downstairs to get some food. He found a covered plate of French toast sitting in the fridge with a cute little note on top of the saran wrap. (-- removed HTML --) I'm sorry for not waking you, baby, but you looked awfully tired. However, I did save some breakfast for you. All you have to do is heat it up. …show more content…

However, he knew Mikasa would never prank him with something so serious. ~ When Levi came home from work, he found Eren kneeling on the floor and sobbing like he was dying, which instantly had the ravenette worried. He dropped his stuff on the floor and rushed over to the crying brunette, checking him over for any injuries. However, he couldn't find anything physically wrong with his boyfriend, which only left him more confused. "Eren, what's wrong, baby?" "J-Jean is dead." He flung himself into Levi's arms and sobbed into the ravenette's shirt, feeling only slightly better when he felt those strong arms wrap firmly around his waist. "What.....what are you talking about?" He still wasn't quite sure what Eren was talking about and was wondering if the brunette had been drinking. "Mikasa c-called while we were away and s-said Jean was found dead." Levi scooped Eren up off the hard floor and carried him into the living room, carefully placing him on the couch. Leaving to stand in the doorway, the raven pulled out his phone and dialed the first person he could think of. "Hello, Carla? Listen, Eren won't stop crying. He said something about Jean being dead. Do you know anything about that?" Judging by the tired sigh she let out, Levi guessed that she knew quite a bit about what happened. "Four days ago, Jean's jeep was found submerged in Trost river. The coroner said that he had been extremely intoxicated and had to have driven off the bridge." "Oh shit." Levi didn't

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