A Short Story

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I woke up early, as is in my routine as a royal guard. I quickly made my way to my mirror to comb my hair. Parting it one-third to one side and the other two-thirds to the other. I smiled in pride at my master piece of hair.

After swishing my mouth with water, I changed into my armor. Soon enough I heard a knock in my door as I finished strapping my sword to my waist.

I opened the door to find the three of then dressed in their armor. Will and Chris were on the same level so they were both wearing red capes with silver armor. Meanwhile Brian wore a blue cape with silver armor, meaning he was on the first level. I was wearing a green cape, like our kingdom's flag with bronze armor, signaling the highest level.

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I love the smell of bread, it reminded me of my mother since she was a baker. I can almost feel her touch my cheek like she use to do as I stuffed my mother with her delicious bread. Her warm smile she would give me, her bear hugs...

The sudden smell of raw meat hit me as the butcher opened his windows, it shook me out my trance. I tried to hold in my breath but I could not last long enough. I tried to hide my gags from the others but it was really evident. Chris came up to me and rubbed circles on my back to try and calm me down. The smell of raw meat always disgusted me, it reminded me of the lives we have to sacrifice to live. We moved away so that I could stop gagging.

Chris kept rubbing my back as we continued to the station. Clothing stores opened up and different styles of clothes reflected a glare from the sun. More people started to come out of their homes to do their daily routines. Girls ran down the streets with flowers in their hands and basket so they could braid flower crows. Boys knelt down grabbing rocks for their sling shots, but really they were trying to look up the girl's skirts.

"Jon, you are going to get in trouble!" I told him.'

His eyes sparkled, "No way Gray, I am looking up her skirt."

He carefully knelt down and grabbed a large rock and then quickly looked up. To his dismay, an older woman saw him.

"Young man!" She yelled.

Jon flinched up, the girl's skirt caught on his head. They fell down together, the girl screaming. Jon got up

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