Personal Narrative: Drinking Water

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It was a beautiful day. It was dark, cool, and damp, just the way I like it. I looked over at Cassandra and Connor, and they were having just as much fun as I was drinking the water that fell down on us. The light breeze made my hair blow to one side. The ground was moist, making it perfect for everything we do: eat, drink, sleep and socialize.
Although this was paradise to us, there were many dangers in that world. One being the dangerous man that picked mama off of the ground and took her away a year ago. We could never see this man, but we knew he was near, we could hear him. He often walked near our residence, and we could always hear is loud footsteps. He would stop near us and start doing very unusual things, he slam his rake
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He grasped me firmly as he walked towards a big silver cylinder. As we got closer, I could see the boiling water inside the cylinder. I tried to escape, but the man’s grip was too strong. He dropped me in, and the scalding water tore through my skin. I screamed out in pain, but no one could hear me. I was stuck in that big cylinder of boiling water with no escape. After a while, I let the water take me underneath sue that I wasn’t going to see daylight again.

I woke up on a long plank of wood. My skin was soft, warm and wet. I was wondering how I got out and how I was still alive. I looked over and saw a large assortment of knives.
This must be the torture table where the man kills all of his victims.
The man suddenly came into the torture area, but he wasn’t coming for me. He went straight for a piece of paper on the ledge next to me. I sighed in a slight relief that he hadn’t come for me just yet. As he held the paper in his hand, I became interested in what it said. I carefully looked over the man’s shoulder, making sure he wouldn’t notice me, and I read the top of the page.
“Recipe #32: Carrot Stew”
My heart stopped as I knew it was about me.
Before I could read anymore, the man quickly whipped around and walked towards me. He reached over my body, and he grabbed a sharp knife. My heart began to race as I began counting down the last seconds of my life. The man put the sharp blade up to my skin.
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But, I was wrong, the man came back with an even bigger knife. This time it wasn’t my skin that he wanted, it was my body. I started to panic. My head raced so fast it felt like there was a NASCAR race going on in my brain.
“Sir, stop!” I blurted out, “Not me, please not me!”
It was no use. The man raised his knife as my life flew before my eyes. I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over.
“Owwwwwwwwwww!” I screamed in pain as he cut of my feet.
Of course, he didn’t hear me and he picked up my feet, and threw them into a pile with Oliver’s chopped up body.
The man did not hesitate. He turned around, raised his knife, and lowered it down onto my body.
I screamed in pain once more as my legs went off. I wasn’t bleeding, and I didn’t know why. He took all of the parts on the other board, and he put them into boiling water.
“My wife will absolutely love this stew,” I heard him exclaim.
Just as I thought he was done, I heard him say, “It needs more carrot though.”
That’s when I knew I was finally done for. The last thing I ever saw was the silver, sharp, shiny blade fly through the air. The rest was
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