A Short Story : The Story Of Duska's Story

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Not all who are lost need to be found. Some can find their way back by themselves. It seems heartless, but that is the undeniable truth. Some will struggle for what seems to be forever, as Duska did. Now Duska was a simple person. She always wore her dark brown hair up in a tidy bun, save for the few stragglers that hung out of it. Her baby blue eyes were alight with joy and shifted with intelligence. She had a healthy tan from moving about the town with her friends and wore what she deemed appropriate and comfortable. She did what she was told, within reason, and made sure to do what she needed to do to get ahead in life. She did everything right - or so she thought. On the night her beloved sister disappeared, her world shattered. Broken was her heart in such a way that the splinters were impossible to find and even more so to put together. Duska could feel nothing in that moment but a cool numbness in the wake of her sister's actions. All that was left to Duska was a note, a letter if you will. ‘Duska,’ the letter wrote, ‘I am sorry. I couldn't stay a minute longer. I needed to go - you understand, don’t ya?’ Or something else along those lines. It didn’t matter. All Duska knew is that her sister made the choice to leave her behind. The Duska of the past ceased to be. She didn’t know what to do with herself. She struggled to eat and to focus. Her hair became dull and unkempt, her skin paling from lack of sunlight. Dark bags gripped

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