A Short Story : The Story Of Jenobiah Blue

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Jenobiah Blue, was a poor orphan boy who lives in Newburyport. Finding work what's quite difficult in this cove was difficult due to pirates constantly attacking the people for all that they have. As Jenobiah was walking he spotted some sailor men whisking the day away as they slept. Jenobiah knew these were hard times , and looked around if they had anything worth actually value. Then a bright red parrot came squawking in, “He took it you better get it back before the captain takes your head.’’The threw scraggly sailors woke up in and hurry and pulled out their sharp swords. In that moment Blue knew had messed up. He ran with all his might. He cut through the market. Knocking over all the stalls and stands. Blue exclaimed, “Sorry Ma'am and sorry sir. It was rotten fruit anyway. ‘’ Two of the sailors had between caught through the crowd, and many threw rotten tomatoes , and screamed ‘’Boo.’’ The third one picked up Blue ,and had his fists on his throat. Then suddenly the pirate fell over suddenly due to the banna. Blue arrived at his bungalow. Then hopped into his hammock. Then suddenly a Enchantress with glowing green eyes appeared in the room. Blue in awe said, “Who are you.’’ The mysterious woman said, ‘’You can’t tell by the eyes ,but if you must know I’m Nefra, the sorceress of Axarona.’’ Then an ash gray smoke smothered the room. Blue had a horrible dream of a bright, blue glowing squid ravaging the city. A ship crashing and sweeping a whole crew, and then Nefra’s

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