A Short Story : The Story Of Lily Owens

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It was once a story that looked real, about of a girl that had a hard life like some other people in the world, her name of that person is Lily Owens she had a family and problems always happened when she was little, worst of all is that very serious accidents happen that she didn’t know.

Lily Owens begins her adventure with bees in the summer of 1964. She is fourteen years old, and she lives in Sylvan, South Carolina, with her abusive father, T. Ray, and her housekeeper, Rosaleen. Lily’s mother died when she was four years old. Her only memory of her mother is from the day she died, Lily recalls that she may have picked up a gun and accidentally killed her mother.

It was one day when Lily was 4 years old and was a pretty little girl as we were all, her parents always argued and she didn’t want that, so she tried to stop them and took a gun without knowing what it was and then accidentally shot his mom, her mom was a good person, she wanted to Lily, but Lily was too young to understand what was going on, then her mother died for an accident, the rest of the family felt very sad and depressed.

Lily continued trying to have a better life, T. Ray, her dad was so rude with other people, and even more with his family, T. Ray didn’t want to Lily, he lacked respect, he didn’t help her, so the best thing for Lily was to leave him, she chose a good option and she knew that it was a good way to continue her life.

In a short time Lily knew a better person, someone

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