A Short Story : The Story Of The Story-A Story?

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I woke up to the loud screeching of the prison bell. I'll never be used to the metal hammer pounding on the bell every morning. I stood up as the mechanical cell door opened, the old cogs in the mechina rattled. I tried to walk out and tripped over my cell mates foot.
“Have a nice trip bub” said Maria
I laughed sarcastically at her awful joke. I think she knew I hated her, but she loved me. I wonder how I could break her off of me. She didn’t care that I was a criminal since she was one as well.
“Maybe she’s done worse” I thought realizing I never asked what she was in for.
“It's only a medium security prison she cant have done too bad, but maybe she also just wasn't caught for her crimes that could be worse than armed robbery. I turned to her.
“Martha. ...” she cut me off
“Its Maria idot, why can’t you remember?”
“Sorry sorry Maria, what are you in prison for?”
“Well it’s up for the state court to decide at this point. ”
She swept back her her midnight black curly hair, her dark hands were still cut up from be attacked by another inmate last week.
“What is that supposed to mean” I hear Maria say as I come out of a daze. There is an officer in front of her taking roll call.
“It mean that I think you have some contraband in your room” said Officer Mcdonald
“And I think you’ve had to many Big Macs today officer Ronald. ” The inmates all laughed as McDonald yelled.
“Shut up!” He got his radio out
“ Inmate Cortez needs a room

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