A Short Story : The Story Of Tuvalu '

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THE LIFTED SPIRIT I was so excited to see my parents' homeland but sad at the same time, because I didn't get to experience the beauty of Tuvalu with my parents' by my side. The waves and the smell of leaking fluid coming from all directions of the ship made me vomit, and it was so hard for me to keep it in. I had to deal with vomiting for three days straight. The feeling that was running through my body was killing me. My stomach was aching, head felt like it was going to explode, body was weak and my bladder was blasting every ten minutes. As the ship swayed from side to side, I get a closer view of the waves and the dolphins pushing against the ship. As I stroll towards the front deck, the ship slows down as we are getting closer to our destination. I see the people of Tuvalu waving their hands. The smiles on their faces create the feeling of happiness within me, therefore I didn't feel any sadness even though I wasn't there with my parents. The captain of the ship walks out of the control room and waves his hands to the people of Tuvalu. The captain then walks towards us and says, “we’re nearly there”. Everyone on the ship rejoices, as a result of them being able to reunite with their families members whom they've missed. We walk off the ship and the people begin staring at us, like they've never seen people from New Zealand before. They begin singing songs as we go to customs and their faces light up as we also sing along with them. As everyone rejoices and

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