Immigrant short story Essay

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It started like any other day up on the hills of Rhein, but that day had the scent of freedom floating in the air. The journey ahead of me had been teasing me for weeks, I was just so anxious to get away and start all over again. I had made certain arrangements before I left, our family dog was not allowed on the ship that we were going to be arriving in America, so I had my parents take care of the dog for us. It was a hard thing to do seeing that the dog had become more than just a pet to the children and I, for we almost would recognize him as a family member. Most of our possessions we were able to keep with us, but we had to keep the load light since it was going to be a tight stay in the steerage. I …show more content…

The humidity and stench were overwhelming, but I kept thinking and reminding the children that it was going to be all worth it. I had only seen a few familiar faces, but most of them I had never seen before in my life. Before the first night ended, Maribel and the children had made a few friends on the ship. It was a good way to make the voyage go by faster, for when they were at play everything seemed to go faster.
There was a rumor rolling from ear to ear that we were soon going to be arriving. How soon? I wasn’t sure, but I decided to tidy the children up and start to repack everything. After waiting for about an hour, I heard a faint ding run down the hall way. The ship was suddenly in celebration for we had finally arrived to the end of our long journey, America! The hallways began to flood with rushing foot steps and people were shoving each other to get the first breathe of “American Air.” I held the children close to me as we winded up the many flights of stairs. My heart beat was increasing at each step I took, for it was such a thrill. It was a great joy to watch the little one’s expressions as they too were as excited as I was. We stepped outside and walked a ways following the crowd as we all slowly entered a large building. There was a sign hanging above the entrance that said “ Ellis Island.”
The day had been going by so slowly as we crept our way from line to line of the

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