A Short Story : Will You Come To Two?

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The day before Gale was set to leave for 2, he paced the length of the room he and Rilla where in a million times. They still didn’t know what to do, and neither did anyone else. It was anxiety inducing, even for Gale. He nearly said something over and over again, but the words always died in his throat before Rilla could hear them. He couldn’t think of anything that would help them in 2, and neither could she. The only good thing about her time as an assassin was that she never had to make any of the decisions. She was never the architect of her crimes. There was some comfort in that, but not much, not enough.
Right before Reflection, Gale’s pacing suddenly stopped. He looked at Rilla with something that resembled desperation, and asked, …show more content…

He looked unsure of himself, so vulnerable.
“I know,” he replied. His voice shook when he said it, and it couldn’t have been more unconvincing. He ran his hands through his hair, pulling at the messy, dark brown locks. With a pained expression he added, “I just- I have no fucking idea what I’m doing.” Rilla smiled sadly, the same way Cas used to. She never used understood how he did that. How had he manage to smile, and look so broken at the same time? Now, it made sense. He was just trying to put on a brave face for her.
“None of us do,” Rilla said. She walked towards Gale, and put a hand on his arm. She wasn’t good at comforting people (she was usually the one that needed comforting) but she did her best. “But at least you’re trying. That’s what matters.”
“Yeah,” Gale muttered quietly. “I guess you’re right.”
Despite how good he was at hiding it, Rilla could still see the fear in his eyes. She wondered if that was she used to look like when Cas looked at her. She knew exactly how Gale was feeling. The pit in his stomach was tight, like someone was squeezing his organs and waiting for them to burst. His heart was hammering in his chest, and his breaths were uneven. Rilla used to get that way before her missions. Like Gale, she never had any idea what she was doing.
Rilla stepped closer to him, so all that separated them was a hair’s breadth. For a moment, she thought he was going to move away, but he didn’t. Gale just looked at her, eyes

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